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Elsie Osborne
findin' the groove
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Take it Slow
By Elsie Osborne / Derek Stremel

You gotta take it slow if you want to love me
Iíve been hurt before I wonít fall too easily
You gotta let it show just how much you need me
Baby all I know, you gotta take it slow

Slow and steady thatís the only way
Real love grows stronger day by day

Donít you waste my time if youíve got thoughts of leaving
But you say your staying so you gotta take it slow

Slow and steady wins the race
I just need to feel the love in your embrace

Iíve got to be sure that you really need me
Our loveís gonna grow but you gotta take it slow
You otta know, you gotta take it slow

Elsie Osborne - Vocal
Mark Sterling - Dobro
(This duet was recorded live off the floor)


© 2003 Elsie Osborne
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